Turnapp 55

TurnApp55 is a mobile application that let commuters co-create playlists in order to discover new music. To get details about a particular track or artist the user has to seek human interaction with the contributor of that song. The application only provides information for of how to find the contributor of a particular song due to the intention of breaking the mobile bubble.


Chalmers University

Project role

UX Design / UI Design


December, 2015


The task was to explore how applications can make people interact directly in co-located space instead of enclosing themselves with their own digital device. Further, it was stipulated to develop a concept which could generate random interactions and connections on the bus 55 between the two Chalmers campuses where commuters in similar work and interest fields often are co-located.


The team first conducted research in data regarding occupation among commuters and common application distractions which showed that application in the multimedia category stood out. Case studies revealed that commuters traveling alone where prone to listen to music simultaneously to use of other applications. A requirements list developed from the data which functioned as the foundation for the topics in the ideation phase. Prototypes were built and tested on users from the target group. By conducting observations and interviews we could further refine the product and specify additional needs. Literature studies on gamification, design patterns, and guidelines for android development supported the development of additional features for creating a better overall experience. The development of core features started as the hi-fi prototype was being designed. The application is currently in a beta phase collecting data for further refinements.